The France and Germany Star

The France and Germany Star was granted for operational service on land in France, Belgium, Holland or Germany after the D-Day landings on 6 June 1944 until 8 May 1945, the date of the end of active hostilities in Europe.

The six–pointed star is yellow copper zinc alloy. The obverse has a central design of the Royal and Imperial cypher, surmounted by a crown. The cypher is surrounded by a circlet containing the words ‘The France and Germany Star’.

Personnel qualifying for both the France and Germany Star and the Air Crew Europe or Atlantic Star were awarded the first star they qualified for, and a clasp in respect of the second star.

The clasp simply has the words 'France and Germany".

The ribbon has five equal stripes of blue, white, red, white and blue. These colours are the national colours of the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.

The clasp is worn in combination with either the Aircrew Europe Star or the Atlantic Star and is pinned onto the ribbon.