The Malta George Cross

50th Anniversary Medal

The Malta George Cross Fiftieth Anniversary Medal is a commemorative medal created by the government of Malta and awarded by, or in the name of, the President of Malta. Established on 17 January 1992, it could be awarded to individuals who met the specified requirements of service and made application for award of the medal by 15 April 1994. The medal honours the collective award of the George Cross to the island of Malta during World War II.

The medal was awarded for service during the qualifying period of 10 June 1940 to 8 September 1943 during and after the Siege of Malta. Three distinct groups were eligible for the medal, uniformed members of the allied armed forces and merchant marine, civilians on Malta who served in specific capacities during the qualifying period, and members of the Scout Association of Malta for service during the qualifying period.

The medal is circular, made of cupronickel and 36 millimetres (1.4 in) in diameter. The obverse depicts the Coat of Arms of Malta with the year 1992 at its base.

On the reverse is the George Cross in the centre, surrounded by the words BĦALA XHIEDA TA’ EROIŻMU U DEDIKAZZJONI and TO BEAR WITNESS TO HEROISM AND DEVOTION separated by a Maltese cross at the top and the date 1942 at the base. The medal is held by a straight suspension bar depicting a relief of olive branches and palm fronds meeting in the centre.

The medal is suspended from a blue (representing the ocean) ribbon wide with two narrow central vertical stripes of white and red (the colours on Malta's flag).